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Aplikasi kasir online lengkap POST, hadir untuk memenuhi berbagai kebutuhan pengusaha di dalam mengelola bisnis yang pasti lebih mudah. Mulai dari

POST, the all-inclusive cashier application, is here to complete the various needs for business owners in managing their business with ease. Starting from speeding up the order process, receiving payments, financial reports, and many other useful features.

The rapid development of technology and digital requires business owners to adapt in carrying out every activity in their business. Regardless of the type of business you run, there is nothing wrong with using technology to simplify business operations. One of them is to use a Point Of Sale (POS) system that can provide solutions all-in-one for business matters.

Several advantages of using the POST application include:

  • Creating time efficiency by simplifying business processes.
  • Increase productivity
  • Cut operational costs
  • Provide complete and accurate reports and data analysis
  • Decrease risks by human error

In addition, POST, the all-inclusive cashier application, is also designed user-friendly display, so that it can be operated even for novice users. To access POST, you can use the application by smartphone or tablet and dashboard display by PC.

Installing POST Application

To access POST via smartphone or tablet you are using, you can first install the POST application, here's how:

Open Google Play Store, then click search bar.

Type "POST cashier application", then select.

Choose POST - Cashier Application Point of Sale, then Install and wait for the process until finished.

After that, you can directly use the POST application by click Open.

For those of you who don't have POST application yet. Learn how to register your business here. Don't forget to update the latest your POST application and enjoy the convenience of managing your business more assuredly with us!

Don't let your customers wait long to get the product they wanted!

By using the POST cashier application, you can complete all transaction activities with more certainty. Some of the benefits that can be obtained by processing transactions using the POST application, namely:

  • Easier and Secured Transactions
  • Detailed and Complete Transaction History
  • Able to Check Inventory of Goods
  • Changing Products Price at Ease
  • Access Transaction Reports Any When and Every Where
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