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App Laporan Penjualan

Sales Report

Make sales report without worries. Control sales and revenue in real-time by application or dashboard. You can also download your report fully.

App Analisis Tren Penjualan

Sales Trend Analysis

Get insights about your business easily. You can also know sales trends by time/hour, day, month, even year. With this insightful data, you can optimize and boost your sales.

App Pengeluaran Bisnis

Business Expenses Report

Do not worry about hidden expenses! Record and monitor all your business transactions and costs at ease. You can find out whether your business's financial condition is healthy, so you can make decisions regarding asset purchases, look for capital, raise salaries, and others.

App Laporan Keuntungan

Profit Report

You will see your business profits, margins performance, and find simplicity in making new strategies to expand your business.

App Produk terlaris

Best Selling Products

Find out the best-selling products. Best selling products report will help you decide stock of items that need to be purchased and repurchased. To know which products need to be purchased more or lesser.

App Laporan Lengkap

Full Report

Get the complete data about your business, from order types, employee sales reports, payment method reports, and more.

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